Transition Year Law Module & Mock Trials

TY law day with a difference…

  • Tried and tested programme – more than 10 years classroom experience
  • 18 years as a barrister in all courts and all over the country.
  • Age relevant legal information – civil and crime.
  • Examination, certificate of completion, course assessment and Mock Trial in class
  • One or Two day Course available or whole week modules to choose from with a price tag that won’t be beaten on value for money.
  • This Law Day that is aimed at providing the student with age relevant information on up to date law which they will need in today’s society.
  • Optional Competition in real Court House. An invaluable experience. •Career relevant questions can also be addressed.
  • Schools who have been with this programme for many years will vouch for it’s quality (see testimonials)

Outline of the TY Law Day…

Presenter will arrive at start of school day and will require a room with a board.

The students require a pen and paper as they will need to take notes to answer test questions/short assessment sometime after presentation (the next day or two). These notes will also be useful for the Mock Trial staged in the classroom and later as preparation for the Mock Trial Competition (optional).

The course covers the Irish Legal system both Civil and Criminal, giving some important insights to students as to how it all works. This is done by paying particular attention to age relevant information so the student has some common myths dispelled and some important legal information acquired e.g., the age of reason, criminal responsibility, age of consent and many more laws, with relevant case law to explain how it impacts on everyday life and the life of the student.

Age relevant information is not confined to that alone, it also seeks to provide information in a way that the 15/16 year old can comprehend in their world and language information which might help them make good choices and healthier decisions in their career choices and personal life in the future.

There is then a enactment of a Mock Trial in the classroom, in which all students may participate. A prepared script is provided to enable the students to function as members of a courtroom with a jury decision at the end.

This experience may also be enhanced by a visit to a local court to watch a real case and they will also have the possibility of participating in a Mock Trial Competition (in a Courthouse) held towards the end of the academic year.

There is a prize for the highest mark in the examination and this along with the completion certificate can be presented at year end.

The prize is a signed copy of the Irish Constitution.

The cost of the programme and the needs of the school can be discussed on an individual basis. The programme is available on a one or two day basis or can be run as a one week module.

Two Day Module

The two day module has the same layout as the one day module however, more in-depth information is available with the extra time available.

Over many years of delivering this presentation over one day many TY coordinators asked if it were possible to provide an extra day due to the interest and the necessity to shorten some details in an effort to fit it into the school day. Any school which has availed of the two day programme have been delighted with the results.

The two day module is particularly useful to schools who wish to enhance their Mock Trial preparation and so enables the students to gain more practice with the trial expert.

With the two day module there is an opportunity for all students to get ‘hands on’ experience and this, for all but none, is the highlight of the module and for others the highlight of their TY experience.

Week Module

The purpose of the week long module is to provide more time to the particular areas of the law of interest and of use to the student in daily life and also the opportunity to further develop and act out the Mock Trial. The Week Module allows an opportunity for the student to try out various roles within different trials.

Aside from the Mock Trial experience, real life cases are discussed, including up to date case law arising from new developments in civil litigation and the Statutory Rape Laws and related offences, Honesty offences, Burglary and Robbery and Defense and defense of the dwelling. Recent case law and legislation is discussed along with relevant sections of the Constitution of Ireland. This type of knowledge is invaluable in the development and understanding of the role of the citizen.

Mock Trials


The enactment of a Mock Trial in the classroom affords the pupil an opportunity to try out a range of skills from simply speaking in front of their classmates, to role-playing, to ‘thinking on their feet’and applying their newly acquired knowledge in a practical way. The Trial also affords the student the opportunity to make an argument in support of something they may not necessarily agree with and as such is advantageous in enhancing their debating skills. The Mock Trial also allows the students to see a hypothetical courtroom in practice.


Towards the end of the school year, all participating schools are invited to compete in a Mock Trial Competition.  A team of 14 students is required with an optional 3 extra parts.

Parts are made up as follows:

  • 2 advocates (barristers)
  • 1 solicitor
  • 4 witnesses
  • 6 jurors
  • 1 member of court staff

Optional parts include:

  • 2 reporters
  • 1 sketch artist

Competition is run over the school week, depending on level of entries. Each role is scored to give each school an overall score. The top 4 schools make two semi-finals, from which the finalists are decided.

Finals are usually held on a separate day.

Prizes are awarded as follows:

Winning team receive a Perpetual Trophy (returned annually, but the school get to keep a replica) and medal per member. Runners-up also get a medal.

Individual prizes are awarded for: •Best speaker •Best costume •Comedy •Best Actor •Best reporting •Best Artist

All participants receive a Certificate of Participation.

Please note there is an Entry Fee per team annually.