Management Assistance & Staff Programmes

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Management Assistance and Staff Programmes

  • Policy Review, Advice, Drafting
  • Teacher Training Days, Staff and Management In-service Days
  • Board of Management
  • Presentations

Staff Training/inservice day with a difference

This service is available on a time slot basis. If you require two hour, three hour, four hour or all day presentation you can be accomodated.

It can be delivered in a venue of your choice.

The presentation covers teachers and their legal obligations as outlined by Education Law which may then and be tailored to the specific concerns of the staff as required and as time permits.

Examples of topics of interest to staff usually cover: general duty of care, case law regarding liability of teacher in given situation, policy implementation by the school and the individual teacher, supervision responsibility and substitution safe-guards, policy-drafting tips and duty of care in relation to Admissions Policy and Code of Behaviour and Safeguards in relation to Litigation and how to reduce the risk of Litigation to the school.

New standards set out under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005 relevant to Schools.

Boards of Management

Advice regarding Expulsions, Suspensions and Exclusions procedure and Section 29 of the Education Act. Many of the situations requiring advice form LES are totally unpredictable and can be dealt with some times by phone call or email and are available out of office hours if required.

Policy Drafting and Review

It is essential that your Policy is designed to cater for your schools specific needs.

Downloading policy can be the biggest mistake both legally and financially you could make. No two schools are the same and most draft /sample policies do not cover the specific needs of the school. LES has over 10 years experience in drafting school policy and has pioneered many of the policies now standard in many schools around the country, in particular the Medical Policy which has emerged as a result of case requirement in schools for one reason or another.

New developments in Critical Incident Management situations as well as policy on foreign trips management etc., are regular subject matter of demands from schools.

Most work regarding policy drafting and review can be done via email and return time is short, depending on volume.

If policy can be emailed, draft changes can be viewed before final draft, ensuring the policy is particular to you and your schools needs.

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